Meka, Portola Valley

“Local patron Sonia Dhillon-Marty invites teams made up of Stanford students and professional architects to her property, Champ de Portola, for a two-day design charrette and competition. The winning design will be built on her property by 2014.

This experimental learning project proposed by Dhillon-Marty and the Dhillon Marty Foundation is a collaboration with the Stanford Architectural Design Program and the Stanford Arts Institute. The objective is to arrive at a design, or set of designs, that pushes the ideas of architecture and construction – and ultimately leads to a finished product.

Participating architects from the United States are Kevin Daly of Daly Genik, Erin Moore of the University of Oregon, Larry Booth of Booth Hansen, Antonio Caliz of Valerio Dewalt Train Associates and Charles Debbas of Debbas Architecture. Architects from abroad are Takato Tamagami of Takato Tamagami Architectural Design and Nihon University in Japan; Ko Nakamura of Mosaic Design and Kengo Kuma Lab at Tokyo University in Japan; Yao Chen, a doctoral candidate at the Kengo Kuma Lab from China; and Aris Kafantaris, a graduate student at the Kengo Kuma Lab from Greece.” From press release 10/23/12

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