Borrow Table

Screen shot 2013-07-22 at 9.37.09 AM

I believe that other material things are just as ephemeral as these cast buttons.  Like buttons and souls, buildings and material objects also only exist for the time between when they are “cast,” taking timber from forests, steel from ore, and gypsum from chalk mountains, and when they are “re-melted,” when wood waste is burned for energy, scrap steel is smelted, and gypsum is returned to the soil. The individuality of material things is ephemeral, existing only between the time of their assembly and the time of their disassembly. In my mind, designing and making are processes of temporarily borrowing materials before they are returned to the metaphorical button maker’s ladel, or to what I see as the ecological “whole.” Design: Erin Moore/FLOAT architectural research and design

borrow table diagram

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