FLOAT is on Instagram at @floatworks.

FLOAT architectural research and design, LLC is a research practice, a way to test questions and ideas with built work. A few premises structure the research:

The sustainability of ecosystems rests on functions of cyclical change, interconnection, and dynamic equilibrium. To also meet this description of sustainability, buildings themselves must be functionally interconnected with broader systems and their lifetimes must be cyclical (with an end just as purposeful as a beginning).

Buildings should be measured by what they contribute to functioning ecosystems, rather than by what they use up. By making buildings that establish reciprocal relationships with their contexts, designers can move from taking steps to try to slow down the depletion of non-renewable resources towards learning to thrive without them, living to regenerate and renew the functioning ecosystems that share the same boat, that are our boat.

2 thoughts on “About FLOAT

  1. I met Erin at the World SB14 conference in Barcelona. Me as the Chairperson of session 83, and her as one of the speakers. Her presentation prooved that an upgrade of a residential building from “Earth Advantatge” to Passive House” standard has not only claer advantatges on the operational savings side, but also can perform excellent at an LCA-level, provided a careful choice of the used material, specially insulations and structure.

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